Advertising Policy

Updated 2024

Advertising in Clinician’s Brief

Clinician’s Brief is an educational resource supported by sponsors and advertisers that align with the Clinician’s Brief mission of accurately and responsibly guiding the most critical decisions in veterinary practice. 

All advertising is subject to the approval of VetMedux, which reserves the right to cancel or reject any advertisement at any time for any reason. Judgment of the suitability of advertisements is at the sole discretion of VetMedux. Advertisers are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations and laws, including FDA marketing regulation.

VetMedux does not inherently endorse any product or organization advertised across its properties. The appearance of an advertisement on VetMedux properties is neither a guarantee nor an endorsement of the product or advertising claims. VetMedux is not responsible for the content promoted in an advertisement.

Specific guidelines for acceptance of an advertisement include:

  1. Messaging should not promulgate or endorse any extra-label drug claims or protocols.
  2. Clinical product claims should be supported by clinical, and preferably, peer-reviewed evidence.
  3. A product must not violate FDA, CDC, or other regulatory or advisory recommendations, regulations, or guidelines.
  4. Nutritional products and diets should adhere to the tenets promoted by the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee, including the use of AAFCO feeding trials or tests, presence of board-certified clinical nutritionists on staff, and availability of accessible peer-reviewed published studies.
  5. Promotions and advertisements of controlled substances should be substantiated by evidence of clinical efficacy and safety studies.

If, for any reason, VetMedux deems it would be appropriate or necessary, a scientific advisory committee may be convened to determine if a company, product, or advertisement is acceptable for promotion with Clinician’s Brief.