December 13, 2012
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brand Report for Clinician’s Brief identified the strength of unique audience interactions with each of the brand’s touch points.

TULSA, OKLAHOMA—The BPA Brand Report for Clinician’s Brief released June 2012 gives advertisers a multifaceted view of the brand’s reach. In addition to the journal’s print circulation, the brand’s reach includes digital subscriptions, website visits, and social media. The report proved the brand’s wide range within the veterinary audience, with which it interacts and engages across multiple platforms.

Clinician’s Brief has a unique total circulation of 63,500 veterinarians, veterinary technicians, practice managers, and veterinary students, an average of 113,195 website page impressions, and, over a 3-month-period, an average of 955 Twitter followers and 4,653 Facebook fans.

The concept of the Brand Report was created by Gloria Adams, director of audience development for Educational Concepts, LLC, and Glenn Hanson, president of BPA Worldwide, to show the entire diverse scope of a brand. This report analyzed all touch points with customers interested in the Clinician’s Brief brand and provided a deeper understanding and identification of the unique users within the communication channels that span multiple media platforms.

“With release of the June 2012 BPA Brand Statement for Clinician’s Brief, advertisers can now review the journal’s distribution, website visits, and social media followers. In providing this information, Clinician’s Brief continues to meet the needs of its advertisers by documenting its audience; however, they interface with the journal.”—Gloria Adams, Director, Audience Development

Clinician’s Brief‘s participation in this in-depth brand analysis reflects its desire to remain a vital, progressive, transparent publisher within the veterinary industry, providing advertisers and marketers with a clear view of the brand’s communication channels, including its total recipients across multiple media platforms.