Clinician’s Brief Relaunches with New Tools to Support Modern Challenges of Veterinarians

April 21, 2023
2 min

Clinician’s Brief, the #1 most essential publication* for small animal veterinarians, has announced it has relaunched with expanded coverage, new professional tools, and expert contributors to better support veterinary professionals as they navigate unprecedented challenges. 

For more than 20 years, Clinician’s Brief has delivered concise, objective, reliable clinical information that veterinarians depend on in their daily practices. The relaunch of this essential brand represents Brief Media’s increased investment in its core commitment to veterinarians: to provide reliable, practical information that veterinarians can put into practice immediately.

The new Clinician’s Brief includes: 

  • Expert advice on practice life, pet owner relationships, and modern therapeutics, areas of rapid change that veterinarians are grappling with on a daily basis
  • Practical perspectives from across the veterinary medical community that share best practices and new ideas about clinical advancements and practice life
  • Daily videos from Clinician’s Brief veterinarians sharing brief tips to improve medical knowledge and reinforce best practices
  • New research into industry trends, including recruitment and retention, cost of care, and evolving pet owner expectations, tapping into Clinician’s Brief’s extensive database of professionals
  • Daily interactive features that test professional knowledge and reinforce clinical training as a complement to its large continuing education library
  • New dashboards that track and rank individual performance on tested content

The new content, functionality, and tools are designed to support the modern needs of veterinary professionals, who are navigating unprecedented complexity in their practices, including time famine, widespread burnout, mental health crises, spiking demand, and talent shortages. As such, the new content is also rigorously brief and to the point—respecting professionals’ limited time. 

“The demands on veterinarians today are unrelenting,” said Indu Mani, DVM, DSc, Chief Scientific Officer of Brief Media and editor of Clinician’s Brief. “As veterinarians ourselves, we designed the new Clinician’s Brief to be what we need: trusted information that we can quickly digest to enhance our clinical skills and run our increasingly complex practices. The expansion of our content is a commitment: We’ll support you through these challenges, and every one after.”

The expansion of Clinician’s Brief has also brought new opportunities for its partners in the veterinary industry. Antech Diagnostics has signed on as an exclusive sponsor of Clinician’s Brief’s expanded Clinical Skills content, and Covetrus will be the exclusive sponsor of the new Client Relationships content. 

Clinician’s Brief is part of Brief Media, which operates a suite of products designed to surround and support busy veterinary professionals as they work. The company’s Plumb’s™ products offer point-of-care tools that assist clinicians in diagnosing conditions, prescribing medication, and educating pet owners. Together, these resources comprise an unparalleled support system for the many evolving challenges facing veterinary professionals.

*According to the 2020 Essential Media Study conducted by Signet Research