December 11, 2012
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In the 2012 Essential Media Study, Clinician’s Brief was ranked the most essential publication for small animal veterinarians and JAVMA was ranked the most authoritative professional veterinary journal.

TULSA, OKLAHOMA—2012 Essential Media Study participants rated Clinician’s Brief as the #1 most essential professional veterinary publication. Fifty-seven percent of small animal veterinarians chose Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) as their #1 source for authoritative articles. These ratings, among others, prove Clinician’s Brief and JAVMA to be veterinarians’ highest-ranked journals for staying current on clinical trends and better treating their patients.

Conducted by Signet Research, Inc, an independent research company, and sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Educational Concepts, LLC, the study’s objective was to take the pulse of magazine readership and determine preferences among small animal veterinarians. Participants ranked 9 broad-based veterinary publications on various factors, such as whether they receive a certain publication, whether they read it, and whether they consider it essential or secondary reading. Participants also discussed online habits, mobile device use, and their familiarity and interaction with social media.

“I first encountered Clinician’s Brief as a reader; I found that it was readily accessible reading material for the general small animal practitioner. It has always functioned as a wonderful diagnostic and therapeutic partner, like another colleague. This study suggests that many of my colleagues feel the same way, and that is gratifying to all of at Clinician’s Brief.”—Dr. Indu Mani, Editor, Clinician’s Brief

Excitement about reading Clinician’s Brief increased significantly: 53% of respondents said they would read Clinician’s Brief before any other publication in this study, which is 23% more than recorded in the 2011 study. In the 2010, 2011, and 2012 studies, the journal has been the top-rated publication for obtaining diagnostic and treatment information applicable to daily practice.

“I’m pleased that JAVMA was able to partner with Clinician’s Brief on this year’s Essential Media Study, and I believe that the results will help both journals better serve their readers and subscribers. Importantly, the findings also highlight the continued importance of clinical journals for veterinary practitioners.”—Dr. Kurt J. Matushek, Editor-in-Chief, JAVMA

The number of small animal veterinarians who believe that JAVMA has the most authoritative articles has increased from 45% (in 2011) to 57% in the 2012 study. Also, JAVMA was again highly rated, this time as the second most essential publication by small animal veterinarians.

The 2012 Essential Media Study provided a comprehensive review of useful and vital professional veterinary publications. Of those, Clinician’s Brief and JAVMA were ranked extremely well, particularly in areas of readership reach, regular reading, the first journal read, authoritative articles, and most essential reading. These rankings demonstrate the importance of Clinician’s Brief and JAVMA in the veterinary industry and their value to the small animal veterinarian’s education and knowledge.