March 19, 2013
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TULSA, OKLAHOMA—The World Small Animal Veterinary Association and Educational Concepts, LLC, have signed a letter of agreement launching the new Global Edition of Clinician’s Brief. The letter was signed earlier this month in front of the assembly at the WSAVA Congress 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The new Global Edition of Clinician’s Brief will be available starting in April and will be free to all members of WSAVA associations. The internationally focused issues will feature peer-reviewed articles of global interest and importance, showcasing authors who represent a wide variety of countries. In addition, issues will contain expert commentary on current studies of international relevance. Further, internationally focused issues will offer solutions to the unique challenges faced by practitioners worldwide, including limited access to funding or equipment.

The WSAVA is comprised of more than 90 veterinary organizations from around the world, representing more than 180,000 veterinarians. “The global issue of Clinician’s Brief will be an asset to practicing veterinarians all over the world,” says Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, President, WSAVA. “The WSAVA is serious about continuing education on a global scale, and our partnership with Clinician’s Brief will supplement our efforts in a wonderful, symbiotic way,” adds Kirpensteijn.

Dr. Colin Burrows, President Elect of the WSAVA and Executive Ambassador for International Affairs of the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), will direct the new edition as Global Editor and is excited about his new role. “We realize that the educational needs of practitioners are very different around the globe. With input from the WSAVA, we will ensure that we provide a meaningful selection of practical articles in each edition to be useful to our global constituency. The WSAVA and NAVC share parallel commitments to global veterinary education,” added Burrows. “We are excited to collaborate with Educational Concepts, LLC, parent organization of the #1 ranked clinical journal* of the United States, to develop a global edition with useful content for companion animal practitioners worldwide.”

Clinician’s Brief, the official publication of the NAVC, has been providing practical clinical content to small animal veterinarians in North America since 2002 with more recent international translations in both Spanish and Japanese. Elizabeth Green, President of Educational Concepts, LLC and publisher of Clinician’s Brief, is supportive of this global expansion. “Zoonotic disease is a primary concern in countries around the globe. Providing clinical education to member veterinarians in varying geographic and socioeconomic conditions will allow Clinician’s Brief to support the heroic efforts of WSAVA to improve both animal and human welfare worldwide,” says Green.

*2012 Essential Media Study