Trusted by Veterinarians, Brands, and Educators

We support the entire ecosystem of the animal health industry, from the veterinary professionals saving animal lives to the industry leaders creating innovative tools and treatments that make patients well and help practices grow. Under the leadership of a team of practicing veterinarians, our leading brands bring practical, peer‑reviewed education and point‑of‑care support to more than 260,000 veterinarians worldwide.

From Print Journal to Point‑of‑Care Partner

Originally founded as Brief Media in 2002 by CEO Elizabeth Green, our company has obsessively evolved alongside veterinarians as they diagnose and treat patients and manage modern problems like staffing shortages, pet owner communication issues, and heavy emotional burdens.

Our products, Clinician’s Brief® and Plumb’s, are designed to surround and support these essential professionals at every stage of their career. Developed by practicing veterinarians and experts in veterinary medicine, our products guide the most critical decisions in veterinary practices, improving outcomes for veterinary professionals and the animals who depend on them.

Essential Information for Elevated Care

Clinician’s Brief® supports veterinarians where they are, every day, with brief, trusted information on everything from drugs and therapeutics and clinical skills to the changing dynamics of practice life and pet owner relationships.

Curated by practicing veterinarians, the product’s free digital and print resources, including practical articles, daily quizzes and videos, and weekly podcasts, are designed to help busy veterinary professionals tackle their most immediate challenges in practice.

When the Decision Needs To Be Right, Veterinarians Trust Plumb’s

Plumb’s helps veterinarians make crucial decisions at the point of care with trusted, expert-written information on diagnosis and treatment. An easy-to-use website and mobile app, Plumb’s supports veterinarians as they work up cases, prescribe medications, and educate pet owners.

From veterinary practices to community pharmacies, thousands of professionals worldwide trust Plumb’s for accurate veterinary drug information and peer‑reviewed guidance for diagnosis and treatment, everywhere they work.

A Complete Approach to Empowering Veterinarians

We are committed to providing veterinarians around the world the essential resources and practical tools they need to navigate the changing dynamics of clinical and professional life, in the practice and beyond.

Our Partners

Improving the Quality of Small Animal Care Worldwide

We work with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) to provide resources and education to more than 200,000 small animal veterinary professional members in 91 countries. With a collective goal of improving the quality of small animal care worldwide, we launched the global edition of Clinician’s Brief and provide free or discounted access to Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs®.

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Eliminating Rabies, Saving Lives

We partner with Mission Rabies, a campaign run by the UK-based charity Worldwide Veterinary Service, to send veterinarians and volunteers to participate in life-saving rabies vaccine drives, on a mission to eliminate rabies entirely by 2030. The Mission Rabies campaign has vaccinated over 2,000,000 dogs and provided crucial rabies education to more than 5,000,000 children in rabies-endemic areas.

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