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Our Team

Meet the people working hard to make veterinarians’ lives easier.


Elizabeth Green

Founder & CEO

Indu Mani, DVM, DSc

Chief Scientific Officer

Amy Mohl, DVM

Chief Medical Officer


Shelley Herod

Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations

Rosie Seibert

Managing Director, Brief Studio

Naomi Murray, DVM

Senior Director, Strategic Sales & Business Development

Rodney Hoose

Director of Plumb's Corporate & Global Accounts

Joanna Lundberg

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Revenue Development

Megan Whitworth-Swanson

Director, Client Experience, Brief Studio

Drue Gindler

Managing Editor, Brief Studio

Beth Molleson, DVM

Veterinary Officer, Brief Studio

Sarah Pate

Project Manager & Digital Producer, Brief Studio

Shelbi White

Project Manager, Brief Studio

Taylor Austin

Senior Project Coordinator, Brief Studio

Drake Boone

Senior Project Coordinator, Brief Studio

Jeremy Long

Digital Ad Trafficking Manager


Bridget Forbes

Senior Vice President of Content Operations and Strategy

Michelle Munkres

Executive Editor

Lance Williams

Director, Digital Content & Audience Growth

James A. Budde, PharmD, RPh, DICVP

Senior Pharmacy Officer

Dawn McCluskey, DVM

Editor, Pharmacy and Therapeutics

Peggy Burris, DVM

Veterinary Officer, Community

Chloe Ciarrocchi, PharmD, RPh, DICVP

Assistant Pharmacy Officer

Katie Moynihan, DVM

Assistant Veterinary Officer, Clinical Resources

Jennifer Schori, VMD, MS

Veterinary Officer, Clinical Resources

Jordy Waller, DVM

Assistant Veterinary Officer, Pharmacy

Elyse Artis

Managing Editor, Clinical Monographs

Katy Drawhorn

Associate Editor, Plumb's Veterinary Drugs

Emily Faison, MA

Channel Strategist, Digital Content & Audience Growth

Mickey Frith

Assistant Editor, Plumb's Pro

Melanie Holladay

Associate Editor, Plumb's Pro

Callie Huston

Assistant Editor, Clinician's Brief

Hailey Rein

Content Growth Specialist

Lindsay Roberts

Projects Editor

Mary Suhy

Associate Editor, Clinician's Brief

Maya Taylor

Editorial Assistant

Sarah Tyler

Managing Editor, Clinician's Brief

Alexis Ussery

Multimedia Specialist, Digital Content, Audience Growth

Taylor Worsham

Engagement Specialist, Digital Content & Audience Growth


Becca Thompson

Director, Technology & Software Engineering

Alex Hayman

Senior Back-End Developer

Brandon Winn

Junior React Developer

Lester Zeor

Senior Front-End Developer


Dana Miles, MBA

Director of Product, Point of Care Solutions

Raymond Bae

Director of Customer Success

Nan Zhang

Senior Customer Insights Manager

Pricillia Tchobang

Project Manager, Plumb's

Cheryl Sutton

Customer Relationship Specialist

Audience & Data

Kay Howard

Director of Audience Data

Zack Russell

Product Analytics Manager

Sierra Myers

Audience Operations Manager

Hannah Richardson

Audience Data Coordinator


Becca Cowles

Vice President of Growth Marketing

Aaron Mays

Creative Director

Amanda Brief

Marketing Manager, Sales Enablement & Events

Jenny Dahl

Product Marketing Manager

Emily Anderson

Project Manager

Cayla Brown

Graphic Designer

Leonie Carter, DVM

Medical Writer and Editor

Spring Eselgroth

Marketing Copywriter & Editor

Finance & People Operations

Jackie Ramage, MHR, SHRM-CP

Director of People

Garrett McGowen

Director of Finance & Operations

Courtney Swicegood

Operations Assistant

Brian Upton

Customer Service Manager

Linda Yang

Staff Accountant