10 Theme Ideas to Inspire Your Next Educational Marketing Campaign

December 10, 2020
2 min

We’ve covered the value of mapping your customer’s journey and shown the engagement benefits of topic-specific email newsletters when you’re marketing to a veterinary audience. Now, it’s time to rev up your creative engine and build your own topic-themed campaign to attract the right prospects. As usual, we have some ideas. Choose one these industry-specific themes to kick off your next veterinary marketing campaign.

1. Niche Clinical Topic

Focus on a narrow clinical topic and provide content that helps veterinarians augment or replace their current treatment protocols. Consider the clinical problem from the perspective of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and pet owner compliance.

2. Specific Workflow Challenge

Workflow challenges are prevalent in veterinary medicine. Addressing it with a content series that presents your product as part of the solution to workflow bottlenecks is a sure way to win over veterinarian teams.

3. Pet Owner Communication/Compliance

Help veterinary clinics clearly communicate with pet owners. Create a content series with resources such as coaching materials for the veterinary staff and shareable content for pet owners like guides or videos.

4. Business Building

Teach veterinarians how to assess a specific area of their business and to use your product for boosting revenue. Follow up with resources for evaluating progress, establishing ROI, and realizing sustained results.

5. Product or Service Implementation

If your product requires implementation support, create a content series with resources and step-by-step plans for success for each job role involved in the implementation. If your implementation process is a key differentiator from competition, use a lead magnet with a proven track record of attracting leads.

6. Team Approach

Identify a friction point within veterinary teams and design content to help staff recognize the friction point, address it with your product, and emerge as a stronger team.

7. New Perspective on a Clinical Topic

Shake up the status quo by offering a new perspective on a well-known clinical topic. Leverage key thought leaders and respected industry icons to weigh in on the topic in a multi-part series.

8. Relief of a Pain Point

Identify a specific pain point and offer a comprehensive solution through a content series. Use your product as a part of the solution and provide context for how your product works in the broader practice ecosystem.

9. New Innovation

Reveal a new clinical innovation through a content series. Design content  to grow clinical authority through studies, inspire with visual cases, and convert action through a strong business story.

10. Alternative to Existing Protocol

Break the protocol status quo. Present an alternative (ideally better) protocol for care through a content series that relies upon data and comparisons to prove superior clinical outcomes of the new method.

Pro Tip: Vary your content types.

Keep your series engaging by leveraging different types of content to communicate your message. Some veterinarians love reading articles, whereas others prefer podcasts. Be sure to offer a variety of ways for your audience to get into your content.  

Consider all the types of content you can leverage in your campaign:

  • Articles
  • Quizzes
  • Algorithms
  • Case Studies
  • Scientific Studies
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Pet Owner Education
  • Infographics
  • Training Videos
  • Testimonials

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