12 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Next Webinar Project

August 6, 2020
3 min

So your conference plans are on hold, and you’re considering hosting a webinar to meet lead generation goals, spread brand awareness, or nurture your list. But how do you choose a topic that’s worth presenting? What makes a webinar worth your veterinary audience’s limited time? Here are a few ideas to jump-start your next webinar project.

1. Did You Know…

Is there an uncommon use or unique function of your product or service? Perhaps a feature people aren’t familiar with or don’t often use? Explain the benefits and show how it works. You might also present on a part of your company that differentiates you from your competition.

2. Don’t Take Our Word for It

Engage your brand advocates to host a panel webinar. Have a moderator facilitate the conversation to tease out the value of your product or service. Consider prerecording these to make sure you’re comfortable with the content before you share it.

3. Business Building

Is your product uniquely positioned to help with business building or resolve a concern related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? Timely, relevant, and interesting—hello, webinar topic!

4. Best Practices

Everyone is interested in the best way to do things, whether that’s processes, client service, or patient care. Position your webinar as a resource to learn about best practices on a particular topic or task. This can be a surgical procedure technique, a business workflow or tool, veterinary team management, or really anything!

5. Clinical Expertise

Engaging a key opinion leader as a clinical expert in your product or service’s category is always a winner for a webinar project. Consider applying for RACE-approval on these webinars. You’ll get longer life out of them and will likely attract more registrants.

6. Pet Owner Communication

Communication with pet owners has gotten increasingly difficult as face-to-face opportunities are limited. Provide the veterinary market with tips for communicating about your product or service to help veterinary clinics with product adoption. Your customers will appreciate the support, and it can help stimulate more sales of your product.

7. Marketing Your Product… or Any Product

Most veterinarians appreciate marketing support topics. Show them how to market a specific topic to pet owners. Plus, you can provide them with some turnkey assets as a value-add. 

8. Innovations

Being a thought leader isn’t about generating every innovation that comes to the market. You can also establish your company as a thought leader by recognizing innovation in others and bringing them together. Consider hosting a panel webinar with other companies doing incredible things in veterinary medicine. You could even engage companies innovating outside the market that could bring value to veterinarians.

9. FAQ

For new products with a significant learning curve, consider hosting an FAQ webinar. Registrants can submit a question about your product or service before or during the webinar. Your expert host can answer these questions live, which can drive up engagement. An in-house company expert can usually host this type of webinar.

10. Product Demonstration

Yes, it’s okay to do a product demonstration. Just be clear about what you’re doing in your promotions for the webinar. This is especially important if you have a new product that is hard to demonstrate at a trade show. You might be surprised how much interest there is, especially in a low-pressure group environment. Leverage telemedicine to take your viewers into whatever real-world environment they will use your product.

11. Customer-Centric

It’s always a great time to put your arms around your customers. Happy customers are your best salesperson.

12. Partner Up

Still struggling to find a good topic? Consider partnering with a technology company or media organization to create a synergistic webinar. If you both promote it and share the leads, it’s a great opportunity to build your database!

Whatever option you choose, make sure you keep your ideal audience in mind and have a promotion plan that will optimize the return on your investment of time, energy, and creativity in your webinar project. Good luck!