Key Opinion Leaders Supercharge Your Content

July 17, 2023
3 min

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are a surefire way to take your B2B veterinary content to a highly credible level. Some brands may cultivate their KOLs, while others will choose to work with veterinary KOLs already well-known in the industry. But either way, tapping into the credibility and reach of key opinion leaders is always an intelligent boost for your brand.

Why Key Opinion Leaders Matter

Trusted opinions are always valuable, so key opinion leaders can bring a lot to your brand in the way of credibility and a substantial list of followers in many cases. This combination of authority and reach creates the perfect high-visibility platform for distributing your message.

And that’s why, even though KOL content is perhaps pricier than other marketing strategies, it’s still worth the investment. Even more so, if you use what you get out of the partnership wisely, such as focusing on evergreen content that you can continue to leverage after your initial campaign ends.

Don’t forget to include your KOL in the promotional strategy! Ask them to share your message with their audience to boost engagement. 

The Benefits

  • Increased exposure to your target audience
  • Increased credibility
  • Expanded reach
  • Improved engagement
  • Increased organic social share
  • Greater visibility

When choosing a partner, clearly identify your campaign goals, requests, and timelines. Many KOLs work with multiple brands and often have limited time. So, the easier your project requirements, the better.

The Content Types

Content format options are endless! But here are 10 with proven success: 

1. Webinars

Key opinion leaders make great presenters for educational webinars. They can also bring a lot to a roundtable discussion on a trending topic.

Related: Long-format webinars are full of opportunities for repackaging. See how you can get more out of yours.

2. Clinician’s Forum

Need a turnkey solution for a KOL-led roundtable discussion? Clinician’s Brief can help! Our team can recruit 3-5 KOLs for a live or virtual panel discussion demonstrating consensus among esteemed experts. Discussion outcomes become a long-form article on And can be published as an 8-page outsert in the Clinician’s Brief print journal.

3. Videos

Engage a KOL for a tutorial or testimonial to boost product awareness. Later, clip short snippets for paid social media campaigns.

4. Podcasts

Veterinary podcasts are another option for busy KOLs. Invite them on yours, or partner with a well-established podcast to amplify your exposure.

5. Clinical Applications

Partner with Clinician’s Brief to find the right KOL to comment on new research you can use for concise overviews of new or existing peer-reviewed and published research. These help vets take in the information without the time commitment. A final article goes live on and gets a 4-page feature spot in the Clinician’s Brief print journal.

6. Education at Live Events

Drive booth traffic (and at-show sales) with an in-person KOL talk on your product or service. You can use the recorded version as a long-term asset.

7. Social Media

Collaborate with your KOL on content they can share with their following of veterinary professionals. Another fun idea: Let your KOL run your social channels for one week to increase engagement and followers.

8. Clinical Notes

Partner with Clinician’s Brief to create a KOL-written article that offers treatment-focused takeaways on common clinical issues. These comprehensive articles provide crucial clinical perspectives and will live on and as a 2-page feature in the Clinician’s Brief print journal.

9. Product Reviews

Nothing beats having a key opinion leader love your product. Utilize video testimonials and written reviews with their headshot to enhance your brand’s authority.

10. How-To Guides

Helpful how-to guides with KOL attribution are always a great addition to your marketing collateral. Just remember to get their permission before adding their name to the byline.

Ready to Shine?

Contact the VetMedux team today to start exploring the right content for your brand. We can help recruit key opinion leaders or help you cultivate your own.