Plumb’s Opens New Doors for Veterinary Marketers

June 27, 2022
2 min

Veterinary marketers have a helpful new resource in Plumb’s™. This popular Brief Media brand is expanding its ability to gather market intel and target veterinarians based on search behavior. You’ve probably heard the name before, but here’s a snapshot of Plumb’s.

Plumb’s is a digital reference with everything from diagnostic and treatment guidance to reliable drug information and pet owner education. You may have seen the heavy (but essential) handbook veterinarians used to find the drug information in the past. But it’s 2022, and today’s Plumb’s is now an easy-to-search web and mobile app with a ton of expanded tools.

Veterinarians use Plumb’s to check drug interactions, access medication guides, access drug monographs, review treatment algorithms, and more. And thanks to the digital platform, we now know a great deal about what veterinarians are looking for. For veterinary marketers, app user search behavior provides deep insights—and help identify a niche audience for their message.

Let’s look at two powerful ways you can activate data from Plumb’s. 

1. Target Your Message to a Narrow Audience

The Brief team can identify your target audience by analyzing the drug monographs they’ve viewed and how they search Plumb’s. You can then target this group of prospects with:

  • Surveys to collect your own market intel
  • Synergistic content based on what they’re engaging with
  • Educational content to encourage conversion to your product
  • Special offers for those who are already searching for your product

Don’t underestimate their power. Learn more about leveraging surveys.

Real-World Examples

  • An advertising partner had 2 products in their portfolio that work synergistically. They wanted to target veterinarians who were searching for one product in order to cross-promote a second product. So, a list of prospects who searched for product 1, but not product 2, was identified for a cross-promotional campaign.
  • Another partner wanted to focus on those who had engaged with compounding content for a targeted email campaign.
  • Finally, one advertiser wanted to target veterinarians who searched for dermatologic conditions within the last 30 days. These doctors were then included in a promotion for their dermatology solution.

#2 Access a Detailed Insight Report

If you’re a veterinary marketer looking for specific product insight, a category of drugs, or competitor, our team can help. The Brief team can analyze the data to help you find the “needle in the haystack” you’ve been searching for.

You can use these reports to:

  • Gain insights into how customers engage with your product
  • Get competitive intelligence
  • Identify synergies between your product and other products

Real-World Examples

  • One advertiser wanted to know how their product stood up, so they looked at drug interaction checker results to understand the competitive set.
  • A partner was searching to refine their geotargeting strategy. We provided location information on where in the US veterinarians were searching for their product. This information is also useful to demonstrate seasonal changes in search traffic when compared with other times of the year.

Get Started

Reach out to our team to explore this new opportunity. We can brainstorm what you need and how we can use the Plumb’s database to get it!