The Veterinary Professional in 2024: Trends, Pain Points & Opportunities

October 23, 2023
5 min

If you missed our webinar for B2B veterinary industry marketers, don’t worry! You can catch it on-demand here. Or just read on for a recap of the highlights. 

If this webinar is news to you, here’s some context: This fall, the team behind Clinician’s Brief hosted a special webinar on the current state of our industry and what the future holds. The team reviewed market data and presented ways to harness current trends. With that said, let’s dive into the big takeaways. 

VetMedux Emerges to Meet the Moment

Our industry is in a moment of tumultuous transformation. CEO and founder of Clinician’s Brief, Elizabeth Green, began by sharing what the new VetMedux brand is doing to meet this critical moment. 

“A few months ago, we announced our own transformation: a new brand, VetMedux, the Latin translation for veterinary medical guide, to reflect how we’re evolving to meet the small animal veterinarians’ modern challenges.

Today, you’ll hear more about what we plan to do to help veterinarians make critical clinical and practice decisions through our industry-leading brands: Clinician’s Brief, Plumb’s™, and Plumb’s Pro.™”

Expanding Our Content Offering

Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s™ have historically provided clinicians with the most up-to-date, easily accessible clinical content. But the market is transforming. After deep discussions with in-market veterinarians and extensive research, the team identified that the market was underserved outside of the clinical focus.

In response, we’ve expanded to include three additional pillars of engagement:

  • Practice Life
  • Client Relationships
  • Drugs and Therapeutics

What does this mean for you? In short, we’re:

  • Learning more about your customers
  • Capturing more insights on how to reach them
  • Providing new opportunities for you to build brand recognition
  • Keeping your conversations relevant as you engage with clinicians

The best part? All the data we collect is first-party and validated. That’s right–we’re not guessing! We’ve got accurate data on what veterinarians are doing, where they’re struggling, and what they need.

Activating “The Whole Vet”

The team moved on to discuss how addressing the whole veterinarian has increased content engagement.

We know veterinarians are extremely busy. How are they interacting with content, given their demanding schedules?

Short-form content is often the only way veterinarians can engage during the day. Veterinarians need bite-sized, high-value content with references that they can return to later for a deeper dive. A brief format works effectively across video, audio, social graphics, and reels. The graphic below illustrates how content consumption fluctuates throughout the day:

Daily content consumption in the life of a veterinarian:

9 AM Read the Clinician’s Brief Daily Newsletter

10 AM Took the daily challenge on Facebook

11 AM Received a browser alert with an educational snippet

1 PM Engaged with a visual case and short explainer video on Instagram

3 PM Browsed during lunch

6 PM Received an end-of-day browser alert with a bite-sized snippet

8 PM Casually browsed softer clinical content on Facebook

The 2023 Essential Practice Study from VetMedux shows the following responses on education preferences:

Top preferred methods of learning:

  1. Webinars and small in-person events (local VMAs, small regional events)
  2. For those who attended large-scale events (VMX, WVC), only 3% said the reason was to learn about new products/services.
  3. 67% of people will take free educational courses without RACE accreditation attached.

Top 3 areas of interest in new research:

  • Spectrum of care (77%)
  • State of the profession (55%)
  • Technology & AI (52%)

The data show a significant amount of attention still focused on clinical topics that mirror topic categories seen in daily practice.

Within the past month alone, the topics that got the most page views included internal medicine [IMTP], emergency medicine, toxicity cases, and visual content, such as dermatology and dentistry image galleries.

Beyond topical interest in broad clinical areas, we can drill down much further by combining the data across our portfolio and looking at drug topic interest on Plumb’s. For example, we can see which drugs clinicians search for at the point of care.

But wait, there’s more! We can see what’s happening on an individual user level:

5 AM Looked up dosages for methimazole

6-8 AM Browsed nine more drugs

1 PM Received a warning from our drug interaction checker, which is in place to help veterinarians avoid harmful interactions

2:30 PM Searched for a specific drug and viewed the pet owner guide

By the end of the day, this single user had looked at more than 30 drugs. Plumb’s™ has about 80,000 drug monograph views daily, making the amount of data we collect and analyze staggering.

Next, the team discussed client compliance. Watch this quick snippet:

Analyzing Veterinary Consumption Behavior

This compilation of data is what we call “veterinary consumption behavior.” This first-party data, combined with social listening information, allows us to keep a pulse on what veterinarians want so we can deliver where there are gaps in education. Here’s what we’ve rolled out as a result of this deep understanding of the market:

  • Digital daily challenges
  • Weekly research recaps
  • Regular deep-dives on clinical and drug topics
  • Daily rounds videos with over a 75% completion rate and significant repeat use 
  • Daily clinical image quizzes 

We’re offering veterinarians shorter, digestible offerings for the brief moments they have to connect alongside our longer-form, deep-dive cases and reports. In just 2 minutes, veterinarians can consume meaningful content. The VetMedux team adheres to a detailed and proven process for content development that has earned Clinician’s Brief a long-standing reputation as an essential peer-reviewed resource for veterinary teams. The content keeps improving as the team continues to collect and analyze market needs.

The Path Forward

VetMedux is innovating to help the veterinarians of today and tomorrow. Here’s what’s changing as we chart the path forward in 2024:

  • We’re expanding our editorial calendar as the need for information grows.
  • We’re increasing content interactivity because engagement is the first step in helping veterinarians be their best.
  • We’re rolling out a new “General Practice Essentials” training series to refresh basic skills.
  • We’re launching a new series, “Where’s the Evidence?” on tackling challenging clinical cases.
  • We’re providing veterinarians with more channels and formats to consume content, including video and multimedia experiences.
  • 2-Minute Takeaways will offer bite-sized gems that are your secret to cutting through the noise.
  • A new “Ask Me Anything” webinar series powered by Plumb’s and open to the Clinician’s Brief audience.

Bottom line: we are meeting our audience–your customers, right where they are with the content they need. Look for these changes in the new 2024 print issues as well! We’ll be adding selections from a variety of pillar content, encouraging readers to find more online. 

Watch the full webinar here.

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