Brief Media is now VetMedux. A new name for the company that brings veterinarians


We guide the most critical decisions in veterinary medicine, supporting veterinary professionals as they make a difference in the lives of animals and their human companions.

Introducing The New Us

Veterinarians need a powerful support system to meet the demands of today’s practice. So we’ve launched something new—a new “us” for all the ways practice has changed, and all the ways we’re evolving to meet modern challenges.

Powered by Practicing Veterinarians

High demand. Low supply. Shifting pet owner expectations. The veterinary industry is in a state of flux. To support veterinarians intellectually, morally, practically, and emotionally, we’re committed to constantly innovating.

New Name. Same Mission.

VetMedux reflects our essential purpose: By guiding veterinarians’ most critical decisions, we ease the stress on the remarkable people entrusted with helping animals live longer, fuller lives.

Our Essential Products

With Clinician’s Brief® and Plumb’s, VetMedux is home to the most trusted clinical education and information products in the veterinary market.

Our Why

Animals Make Us Better Humans

Our work is fueled by an unwavering belief that animals make the world a better place, and that veterinarians are a pivotal part of the sacred bond between people and pets. All of our products and partnerships are designed to support veterinarians as they provide crucial care to these animals we all depend on.

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