VetMedux Presents… Brief Studio’s “Best In Show”

Celebrating the veterinary industry’s most innovative, powerful and high performance campaigns

A webinar highlighting treatment options for canine seizures. An online quiz that drove high-conversion leads. A cross-channel campaign focused on building better pet owner relationships. These successful initiatives, driven by the industry’s leading marketing experts, did more than promote products and services in inventive ways. By partnering with VetMedux and Brief Studio’s cross-functional team of veterinarians, editorial experts and marketing strategists, these campaigns helped make learning easier for veterinarians and enable better care for pets.

On Monday, February 19, Brief Studio celebrated marketing innovation with a special event at the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC), where we unveiled our Best In Show recipients and toast to their success. 

Please join us in celebrating our esteemed recipients!

  • Best Microlearning Campaign | American Heartworm Society: This targeted, five-day microlearning campaign brought widespread attention to the 2022 heartworm incidence map.
  • Best Integrated Campaign: Practicing Medicine Through Diagnostics | Antech: By exclusively sponsoring the Clinical Skills Pillar on Clinician’s Brief, Antech leveraged educational content to position its brand at the forefront of the diagnostic field.
  • Fastest MQL Conversion Campaign To Reach Goal | Arthrex: The guaranteed cost per lead program was driven by a thoughtful webinar and an inventive quiz. 
  • Best Use Of Webinars To Drive Pipeline | Bionote: By leaning into different elements of its animal health diagnostics offerings, Bionote made its webinars both engaging and effective at driving leads. 
  • Best Care Team Content | Boehringer Ingelheim: BI’s handouts, focused on canine heartworm disease treatments, offered practical information to clinic teams and their clients—and outpaced benchmarks.
  • Best Point-of-Care Content Series | Butterfly: With a webinar, podcast and case study, this content package helped Butterfly highlight the power of point-of-care ultrasounds in general practice.
  • Best Use of Peer-Reviewed Written CE Content to Drive Leads | Blue Buffalo: Blue Buffalo’s RACE-eligible continuing education modules proved popular with audiences—and were a magnet for leads. 
  • Best Webinar Leveraging Published Industry Research | CareCredit: The webinar sparked strong interest (and strong attendance) for its research-driven discussion of the cost of veterinary care.
  • Best Educational Campaign Leading to a New Product Launch | Ceva: A multipronged content strategy gave the canine pancreatitis treatment PANOQUELL®-CA1 a leg up with its target audience.
  • Best Integrated Campaign: Building Pet Owner Relationships | Covetrus: Mixing ad placements with custom educational content focused on client communication in clinic, this campaign drew thousands of leads and lasting awareness for the Covetrus brand. 
  • Best Case-Based Webinar | Cresilon: An informative webinar on intraoperative hemostasis highlighted strategies veterinarians can use to help stop bleeding on the operating table.
  • Best Sponsorship of an Industry Celebration | Dechra: Dechra’s sponsorship of Vet Tech Week supported a study that illuminated the daily challenges veterinary technicians face.
  • Best Written KOL Content | Elanco: Elanco drove important thought leadership—and results—through a series of roundtable discussions.
  • Best Virtual Hands on Education | Ethicon: Ethicon’s surgical skills portal covers the ins and outs of suturing, with practical demo videos and hands-on practice opportunities for veterinarians.
  • Most Cohesive Content Campaign | Hill’s: This campaign highlighted Hill’s new oncology care diet using a series of custom educational content assets.
  • Best Editorial Sponsorship | Merck Animal Health: This sponsorship hosted a webinar discussion on oncological immunotherapies—garnering strong conversion rates on a niche topic. 
  • Best Integrated Campaign: Improving Practice Life Through Medical Technology | Movora: By sponsoring the Practice Life Pillar, Movora was able to build awareness and interest in their orthopedic implants and other veterinary products.
  • Best Non-Clinical Webinar | One Eagle Advisory: This webinar captured an engaged audience for a bottom-line-focused discussion of the COVID-19 Employee Retention Credit.
  • Most Likely to COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) | Purina: With a strategy built around leveraging existing branded content, Purina’s multi-channel approach drove increased reach and engagement.
  • Best Interactive Case-Based Quiz | PRN Pharmacal: This quiz highlighted real-world cases to build education around the use case of seizure treatment drug, KBroVet-CA1. 
  • A ‘Breath Of Fresh Air’ Webinar | Trudell Animal Health: This webinar created opportunities to highlight Trudell’s aerosol chambers—and opportunities for snappy promotional copy.
  • Most Effective Podcast | VetriScience: With a podcast campaign that well outpaced benchmarks, Vetriscience helped bring clarity to the world of veterinary supplements. 
  • Best Campaign To Feature a Novel Treatment | Virbac: A case study-driven campaign helped highlight the benefits and mechanism of action of Stelfonta for treating mast cell tumors.
  • Best SQL Conversion Campaign | Zoetis: Zoetis’ program—focused on chronic feline pain—leveraged webinars and native content to drive strong lead conversion rates.

On behalf of recipients, Brief Studio will be making a donation to three organizations — Not One More Vet, Morris Animal Foundation, and Feeding America — to support the health and wellbeing of all people and pets within the veterinary industry. 

About Brief Studio

Brief Studio, the veterinary industry’s leading performance agency, helps marketing teams drive success in their campaigns. Owned by VetMedux, Brief Studio analyzes proprietary demographic and behavioral data and leverages their cross-functional team of veterinarians, editorial experts and marketing strategists to build campaigns and content designed to engage busy veterinary professionals. Get in touch with us.

Brief Studio and VetMedux do not explicitly endorse any of the products, services or individual companies featured within the Best In Show program. Any direct references to products or services are made for informational purposes only.