Veterinary Company Brief Media Announces New Name, VetMedux

July 21, 2023
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Brief Media, owner of the veterinary industry’s most essential clinical education and point-of-care products, this week announced it has become VetMedux™. The rebrand comes on the heels of record growth for the company, which has transformed since its 2002 founding as a result of a series of strategic investments in data, technology, and clinical education, resulting in a robust database of industry information. 

VetMedux owns market-leading brands, Clinician’s Brief® and Plumb’s™, which guide the most critical decisions in small animal medicine with expert-written, peer-reviewed information on best practices for diagnosis, treatment, prescribing, and pet owner education.

The company started with a print journal more than 20 years ago and has since evolved into a product portfolio that includes an essential clinical workflow system, supporting veterinarians as they make diagnostic, treatment, and overall practice decisions. 

“Two decades ago, when I first started Clinician’s Brief, the promise was that we would be so clinically important and yet so brief that we would become essential. I’m proud to say we accomplished that,” said Elizabeth Green, CEO and founder of Brief Media, now VetMedux. “Now, our ambitions are wider: To embed deeply in every practitioner’s workflow so we can help them make the critical—and at times exhausting and scary—decisions they make all day long.” 

Although the company’s name has changed, its mission remains the same. Through innovative products and strategic partnerships, VetMedux aims to support veterinary professionals as they undertake the essential work of caring for patients and educating pet owners.

Discover more about the new VetMedux and the company’s efforts to support and advance the veterinary industry.