5 Pro Tips for Product Launch Content Creation

April 12, 2022
3 min

So, it’s time to launch a new product, and you are made for this moment! But as you begin to lay the groundwork, requests are rolling in and your product launch content list is growing long with requests for sales tools, lead generation programs, market awareness content, and on, and on, and on. 

Is it starting to look insurmountable? Before you get overwhelmed, here are 5 tips for how you can have your content creation cake and eat it too. Sounds delicious, right?

Need a little lift before getting started? Read why great content matters.

1. Propel your product and pipeline.

Launching a product is not for the faint of heart! While your marketing team is working to educate, generate awareness, and manage distribution channels, it may be a challenge to consider the needs of sales. But we’re here to say you can have it all: an educated market and a healthy sales pipeline.

Use registration-based content like webinars, or form-gated content such as e-books to educate the market and generate sales leads. Ask prospects if they want more information about the product on these forms. You’ll be surprised how many are ready for a conversation with a member of your sales team.

Is your current webinar less than ideal? Don’t stress. Instead of a highly-technical clinical presentation, consider a panel-style webinar. Assemble a group of subject matter experts to discuss the new product for a very effective webinar. 

Bonus Pro Tip: Think evergreen when it comes to these first pieces of content. Your product is new, but plan on your content still working 6 months to a year down the road. That means watching dates or references that will quickly age your content.

2. Launch with market awareness and sales enablement in mind.

Is your launch budget forcing you to red-line articles, clinical algorithms, or white papers? Before you cut critical assets, make a plan to maximize content utility.

In-depth pieces of content anchor your campaign and often provide both market awareness and clinical authority. Before you nix anything, consult sales to determine which pieces can work as both an education and sales enablement tool. This process helps you create a shorter, highly impactful list of content. 

Package these tools for use in the following places:

  • Website downloads (yes, these can produce leads too)
  • Digital sales presentations
  • Sales enablement tools for live events and in-clinic meetings
  • Cross-channel distribution across third-party media partners

To amplify these pieces, activate a social ripple effect by creating posts for your sales force to share across LinkedIn.

3. Repurpose product launch content.

You’re building emails to send to your house database, deploying paid social ads, and positioning nurturing sequences. Now, it’s time to focus on all the campaign assets for media.

Don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel for great media assets. It’s a product launch and this content is brand new to your audience and the market. Even when deploying paid media placements, like third-party emails, it takes numerous touches with the audience before they’ve seen and understand your message. 

Tweak your in-house campaign content for deployment via media partners. Use the COPE concept (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) to distribute your content across the entire industry. Consistent messaging is critical, especially when the message is new. So, keep in mind that you’ll grow tired of your own content long before the market has seen it. Beware of the urge to change it too quickly.

In addition, you can use the same in-house and media placements for email artwork, but do take the time to write eye-grabbing subject lines.

Lastly, set up tracking links for measuring success in your CRM and identify pieces that result in engagement, lead conversions, and sales.

4. Repackage, reuse, and reap rewards.

Let’s assume you took our advice and created a webinar as your first anchoring piece of content. It’s working perfectly, and your team is loving it. Are they now clamoring for more great content? These long-form pieces will give you a treasure trove of content to repackage, reuse, and continue to reap rewards from.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a podcast from the webinar audio track.
  • Create a series of blog posts from the presented content.
  • Build an infographic on a complex topic that was discussed.
  • Snip short video segments for your website and social media channels.

5. Tap into user-generated product launch content.

Sometimes the best content is produced by others. Activate early adopters or beta users for written or video-based testimonials or a product walk-through. These pieces of content are powerful sales enablement tools and can spruce up your website and social media channels.

Ask your customers to share the content on their own social channels and then get permission to re-share their stories across your pages. This type of content goes a long way in bolstering your product’s credibility. So, when you can, have others toot your horn for you.

Launching in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Reach out before you blast off on your next product launch. Brief Media has a team of in-house veterinarians and marketing experts ready to brainstorm how you can get the most out of your product launch content.