9 Lives of a CE Webinar

October 18, 2022
3 min

You believe in the marketing power of CE webinars. And you believe in the value of repurposing content. Now, would a little inspiration be helpful? Say no more! You can squeeze 9 different content formats out of just one CE webinar. Here’s how.

Before you pick content formats, take a look at what one veterinary marketer learned about their audience’s preferences by tracking engagement. See the case study.

The CE Webinar Is Just the Beginning

There are no two ways about it: Creating long-format content like a CE webinar is a heavy lift. Coordinating key opinion leaders, creating slides, editing content, re-editing, preparing for the broadcast, running the broadcast, whew…it’s a whole thing. (Raise your hand if, after all that effort, you’ve just moved on to the next webinar. ✋ It’s okay—we’ve all done it.)

Now that it’s done, don’t let your hard-won webinar sit on the shelf. Use this list of ideas to transform your long-format content into highly engaging, bite-sized pieces that will continue to generate leads and drive engagement.

Summarize the webinar for your blog.

One of the easiest things you can do post-webinar is to write up a summary for your blog. Include the key highlights from the presentation and a secondary call to action to watch the content on demand. Follow up by sharing your post through social media channels and in a short newsletter blurb.

Snip short videos for social media and YouTube.

Video sound bites can often offer quick, high-impact value. Create 60-90 second videos to share on your social media channels and YouTube. Don’t forget: It’s always best to add closed captions—remember, the soundtrack of social media is 🔇 silence.

Host your webinar on other CE platforms.

After your webinar is a hit on your own platform, why not share it? Your webinar has a long life ahead of it on other CE platforms. Pro tip: Host your webinar on the Clinician’s Brief website to boost its clinical authority and ongoing lead generation.

Repurpose it into an e-book. 

Transcribe your webinar and rework the content into an e-book. You can augment the content presented with industry data and QR codes that link out to synergistic content. Why an e-book? People learn in different ways and an e-book has the potential to tap into a new segment of the market.

Brief Bytes

Repackage your long-format webinar into Brief Bytes—a micro-learning program deployed in 4 digestible snippets over 4 weeks. This program helps your lead generation stay active and gives cross-channel exposure for both email and social channels.

Create an infographic or treatment algorithm. 

Bring a complex concept presented in your webinar to life as an infographic or treatment algorithm. It will be time well spent, as infographics can double as tools for your sales team, and algorithms are always great magnets for lead generation. Plus! If you like the idea of an algorithm, the Brief Media team can help translate your clinical content into a decision tree.

Repackage for a clinical case route. 

Partner with Clinician’s Brief to turn the concepts presented in your webinar into an interactive case route that will increase exposure and provide the market with a new way to learn.

Use the audio for a podcast. 

If your webinar was a panel webinar (vs. a slide presentation) and the discussion stands on its own, pull the audio out and package it into a podcast!

Re-run it or use it in a CPL program.

The beauty of evergreen content is it can be shared again as long the topic is still timely and relevant. If you’re worried about your topic becoming stale, partner with Clinician’s Brief to get more life out of your content with the Cost Per Lead (CPL) program.

Collect CE Webinar feedback 

Don’t pass up your chance to get your audience’s fresh feedback! Include a survey at the end to find out what was most helpful and what they’d like to learn in the future. This will help you plan content that aligns with the needs of your audience.

Ready to extend the life of your long-format content?

Reach out to our team to discuss hosting your content on our CE platform or repackaging it into an interactive case or lead generation program.

…and end the year strong? 

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