[Case Study] 28%+ CTR with Veterinary Remarketing Campaign

April 2, 2021
2 min

This case study demonstrates the eternal value of high-quality veterinary clinical content and how it can be given new life with a smart remarketing campaign.

In particular, we look at two dimensions of this campaign:

  1. Clinical content engagement
  2. Performance of a remarketed free demo offer

Case Study

This algorithm-driven campaign offered veterinarians a peer-reviewed educational chart with diagnostic and treatment information for a common condition seen in canine and feline patients.

The advertiser planned to remarket to those who engaged with the algorithm by sending a highly relevant offer for a limited-time demonstration, ideally producing sales-qualified leads.

Campaign Goals

This campaign had several goals:

  • Generate brand awareness.
  • Drive algorithm engagement.
  • Provide an audience for demonstration remarketing.

Campaign Details

Engagement MagnetAlgorithm
MessagingPeer-Reviewed Clinical Content
Advertising Vehicles for AlgorithmEmail, Native Newsletter, Social
Advertising Vehicles for RemarketingEmail, Social
Target AudienceUS-based veterinarians, practice owners, and practice managers who had engaged with synergistic content in the past

Campaign Results

This campaign employed A/B testing as well as creative and headline testing to optimize engagement.

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Algorithm Email Performance

Here are the highlights of the email performance:

Algorithm Native Performance

For 3 consecutive weeks, native ads were placed in the Clinician’s Brief newsletter, where they earned above benchmark engagement. The ads leveraged different creative and headlines optimized based on email performance.

Native Ad 1212% over benchmark click-through rate
Native Ad 272% over benchmark click-through rate
Native Ad 3112% over benchmark click-through rate

Algorithm Social Performance

The campaign also included social media in its algorithm promotion. Tracking noted the performance on 3 ads was slightly above benchmarks for the clinical content promotion.

Limited-Time Offer Veterinary Remarketing Campaign

Seven months later, the advertiser reactivated the target audience with a limited-time offer exclusive to those who had engaged with the algorithm. 

This offer was deployed via a single email and social post, and the results were incredible:


This case study demonstrates the value of leveraging quality clinical content to identify target audiences for sales-based remarketing campaigns. It also highlights the importance of remembering social media in your sales-based remarketing efforts.

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