[Case Study] Educational Marketing Campaign Sees High Engagement

December 7, 2020
2 min

There’s real value in creating an educational marketing campaign. And more value can be had with a multi-step automated nurturing program. This case study explores a successful campaign that provided a broad core education with narrow value-add offers. It returned both high open and click-through rates and reinforces the value of educational content in nurturing prospects.

The Campaign

For this campaign, the team focused on sparking conversations about their product between veterinarians and pet owners. They also aimed to drive brand awareness and encourage pet owner compliance.   

They also sought to generate a high-volume of article consumption and send additional content to those who engaged.

Campaign Goals

  • Give veterinarians the tools for conversations with pet owners
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Engage with veterinarians in new and innovative ways
  • Deliver consistent information on a narrow clinical topic
  • Promote sales from long-term use and greater general awareness

Campaign Details

  • Audience: The audience was chosen based on engagement with a top-level piece of clinical content. They were then enrolled in the automation sequence.
  • Duration: The automation sequence was on-going. New prospects were enrolled in real time as they engaged with the clinical content.
  • Content: The marketing team developed a variety of content, such as articles, Nutritional Notes, quizzes, etc. They kept all prospects enrolled, even if they didn’t respond. Those engaging with content received additional related content, packaged in the format they’d preferred in the past. This allowed the non-respondents to continue to receive future content and have opportunities to engage. Specific content included:
    • Nutritional Notes
    • Articles
    • Quizzes
    • An algorithm
    • A pet owner handout
    • And a podcast
  • Delivery: Email nurturing deployed 3 days after initial content engagement.

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Campaign Results

Top of Funnel Lead Magnet Content Engagement:

  • Focused Clinical Content Article Email Results
    • Open Rate: 20.4%
    • CTR: 2.9%

In the end, 6,017 prospects engaged with at least 1 article and were enrolled in the automation sequence.

Automation Sequence Outcomes

  • Quiz Email Results
    • Open Rate: 40.3%
    • CRT: 47.9%
  • Podcast Email Results
    • Open Rate: 43.5%
    • CTR: 19.3%
  • Pet Owner Resource Email Results
    • Open Rate: 41.8%
    • CTR: 52.4%
  • Algorithm Email Results
    • Open Rate: 42.1%
    • CTR: 45.1%

In a nutshell, the automation sequence email open rates were 32.7% with a 41.1% click through rate. This case highlights the value of education-centric customer journeys for producing high levels of engagement.