[Case Study] Handraiser Drives High Engagement—and SQLs

November 23, 2021
2 min

Raise your hand if you want more leads! The Handraiser program can help you get them and easily sort them into engagers and those ready to have a sales conversation. Think you might be dreaming? Well, pinch yourself and wake up to how easy it can be.

Created by veterinary experts, handraiser programs are designed to drive a target number of MQLs to align with your goals. They help you collect SQLs as well as nurture, engage, and qualify MQLs for your team. And if it all sounds too good to be true, let us convince you with the results this program provided!


The goal of this Handraiser program was to educate the veterinary community on a novel treatment for lymphoma in dogs. The program aimed to generate 2,500 new leads with the target mix of 90% MQLs and 10% “hand raises,” aka SQLs.

Campaign Goals

  • Generate a guaranteed 2,250 MQLs
  • Reach an estimated 250 SQLs (hand raises)
  • Grow brand awareness 
  • Educate the market

Campaign Details

  • Lead Generation Content
    • 3 CE webinars
    • Post-webinar lead nurturing with synergistic content
  • Promotional Strategy of Lead Magnets
    • 100% SOV emails
    • Social media posts
    • Newsletter placements
    • Digital website ads

Target Audience

Educating practice decision makers about the new lymphoma treatment was at the heart of campaign. In order to deliver messages with the highest chance of conversion, we created an audience of US targets based on job title and other criteria.

Handraiser Content

Webinars were designed to function both as stand-alone content that could be viewed individually and as an entire 3-part series. This approach resulted in prospects who watched all 3 webinars and acted as a nurturing sequence to engage more handraisers.


  • Goal: Generate 2,250 MQLs  //  Result: 2,624 MQLs (5% over goal)
  • Goal: Generate 250 SQLs (hand raises)  //  Result: 318 SQLs (27% over goal)
  • 15% of leads registered for more than one webinar
  • 24% of leads engaged with more than one piece of content in the program

And more…

This campaign’s performance was above benchmark in live webinar attendance, open rates, and click-through rates on all nurturing emails.

Prioritizing MQLs

As part of the Handraiser program, each lead was scored based on the content they engaged with. This helped marketing and sales prioritize MQL follow-up.


This case study highlights the success of combining targeted education with nurturing sequences to develop a healthy pipeline of MQLs and SQLs.

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