How This Webinar Surpassed Expectations for Lead Generation [Case Study]

July 1, 2020
2 min

Virtual education is on the rise! Companies are executing online education through a variety of channels, including virtual trade show events, media-hosted webinars, and their own internally hosted webinars. In this webinar case study, see how a new company in the veterinary industry partnered with Clinician’s Brief to spread the word about their upcoming event—and how they exceeded their registration goal by 95%.

Generating Veterinary Leads: A Webinar Case Study

A new company in the veterinary industry decided to make their introduction to the market via live virtual education. The company‘s in-house veterinary database was limited, so they elected to partner with Clinician’s Brief to spread the word about their upcoming webinar.

This strategy is relatively common. Companies that are able to host webinars internally often augment their in-house database marketing efforts with tactics through media partners and platforms. This helps expand reach and increase the number of new leads generated from webinars.

The campaign had several goals:

  • Create brand awareness of a new market entrant
  • Educate about a new procedure through webinar-based training
  • Add targeted leads to the company’s in-house database
  • Collect qualifying information and interest in virtual and in-office meeting requests to create sales opportunities
  • Drive 100 total registrations, 50 from media efforts, 50 from internal efforts

Campaign Details

MessagingThe campaign highlighted a multimedia educational opportunity for veterinarians to explore a new way to treat a common dermatology condition.  
TimelinePromotion began 2 weeks before the webinar
Target AudiencePractice managers with an interest in dermatology

The campaign used a mix of in-house email and social media marketing paired with media tactics through Brief Media and Clinician’s Brief.

Brief Media Tactics

  • 1 OnPoint email to a strategic target audience of practice managers with dermatology interest, identified through the OnPoint Audience Intelligence Database
  • 1 Clinician’s Brief newsletter ad

Campaign Results

  • 195 total webinar registrations (95% over goal)
    • 147 registrations generated from Brief Media tactics (73% of Registrations)
      • 88 registrations from the OnPoint email
      • 59 registrations from the sponsored content newsletter

Quick Conversions with Brief Media’s Digital Products

In this campaign, Brief Media’s digital products provided a quick solution for webinar registrations. The 2-week campaign resulted in the conversion of 147 new, hypertargeted leads into the in-house database of the new market entrant.

We’ve designed Brief Media’s digital programs to provide your brand with both short-term and long-term lead generation solutions for your brand. Contact our team for more information about how OnPoint Programs can support your digital marketing initiatives!