Strategic Campaigns That Engage and Convert Veterinarians

We can help you effectively reach, educate, and activate the right veterinarians for your products and services, ensuring your marketing dollars turn into exam room recommendations. With our in-depth behavioral data and our team of veterinarians and digital marketing experts, we can guide your campaign strategy and help you deliver a message that really resonates.

Maximize Results with Custom Campaigns

Collaborate with our team of medical and market experts to create and execute high-performing, attention-keeping campaigns driven by our real-time data and in-depth audience insights.

Drive Awareness and Build Engagement

Engage small animal veterinarians as they access the essential digital and print resources they can’t practice without. Opportunities include digital, native, and print placements across Clinician’s Brief’s media portfolio. Let’s partner on a program that works for you.

Leverage Unrivaled Data and Insights

Our market-leading products extract in-depth insights into what veterinarians need—and what captures their attention.

Align, Enrich, and Activate Your Customer Data

Our real-time data helps you fill in the gaps in your database with updated demographic information, real-time prescribing intent data, and competitive intelligence on drug usage and demand.

Target, Engage, and Convert High-Performance Audiences

Our unrivaled database connects you to veterinary professionals who have searched for specific drugs or drug categories, interacted with specific clinical conditions, or even showed preference for a competitor’s products, enabling you to tailor your campaigns and activate potential customers—and find new ones.

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