Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs Launches New Features and a First-of-Its-Kind Industry Tool

May 19, 2021
2 min

Building on its 30-year history of trusted veterinary drug information, Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, the leading digital veterinary drug reference, has launched a new, more robust platform for animal healthcare teams. This new Plumb’s offers a first-of-its-kind drug interaction checker, responsive search, a pet owner education tool, and more essential features. 

Built by the team of practicing veterinarians at Brief Media, this new platform is designed to save time and ease stress for animal healthcare teams while helping them make informed decisions for the animals in their care.  

“The needs of the veterinary community are always top of mind for us at Plumb’s. As practicing clinicians, our medical team is keenly aware of what could help make the day go more smoothly. The new Plumb’s does just that.”

Dawn McCluskey, DVM
Lead Medical Editor, Plumb’s
Veterinary Officer, Pharmacy, Brief Media

Introducing the Plumb’s Drug Interaction Checker

In pursuit of smoother days for veterinary teams, Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs is committed to breaking new ground. Standing out among the new features is the drug interaction checker, an essential tool for checking drug-to-drug interactions in animals. Built by a team of veterinarians, pharmacists, and a veterinary pharmacologist, this tool marks a big step in raising awareness of potential drug interactions.

“The benefit of easy access to this information at the point of care is huge, both for the patient and the clinician. Building the drug interaction checker is a big accomplishment, and we’re excited to get this tool into the hands of practitioners.”

Amy Mohl, DVM
Chief of Content Strategy, Brief Media

More than a Drug Reference

In addition to the drug interaction checker, the new Plumb’s offers several essential updates:

  • Faster, more responsive search that delivers results in a few letters
  • An all-new iOS and Android app with a built-in conversion calculator
  • New in-app sharing features (including email) for pet owner drug information sheets 
  • More than 20 new drug monographs that aren’t yet available in print
  • Enhancements to the user interface and personalization tools (notes, favorites)

“This is the most significant new generation of Plumb’s since 2015, when we partnered with Donald Plumb, PharmD, to launch the first in-the-workflow Plumb’s. The drug interaction checker, in particular, will provide veterinarians with valuable information in seconds to help keep their patients safe.”

Elizabeth Green
CEO and Founder, Brief Media

The launch of the new Plumb’s represents Brief Media’s ongoing commitment to creating high-quality content for veterinary professionals. More than 32,000 animal healthcare providers turn to Plumb’s for trusted educational and point-of-care content. In addition, three out of four subscribers report they use Plumb’s every day.

“With such a high level of engagement, creating quality content paired with an exceptional user experience will always be at the heart of Brief’s mission. These are table stakes, not only with Clinician’s Brief but also with an in-the-workflow platform that meets veterinarians’ needs—and their patients’—at the point of care.”

Christie Bardo
Chief Revenue Officer, Brief Media

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs is available to animal healthcare professionals and their teams. Subscriptions start at $95.84 per user per year. Enterprise solutions are also available for academic institutions, practice groups, and pharmacies.

The Next Chapter of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs

Groundbreaking support tools, greater personalization, and the most up-to-date content are all written into this new chapter of Plumb’s. But by no means is this the last chapter. Work is already underway on the next evolution of Plumb’s: an in-the-workflow decision support tool that gives veterinarians the information they need most in one location. For more information on Plumb’s or to inquire about our beta testing program, please contact us.