10 Best Zoom Meetings (With Pets) of 2020

December 22, 2020
2 min

We saw it all in 2020, including the good, the bad, and the ugly of Zoom meetings. In honor of the year of working from home and our new love-hate relationship with teleconferencing (and our undying love for animals), we’ve pulled together our favorite Zoom meetings where pets stole the show and gave us some much-needed comfort and comic relief in a year of constant change. Enjoy!

#10 That Awkward Moment When…

A little chit chat with your cat is sweet, but don’t forget to hit the mute button. Oops!

#9 Why not a Zoom meeting with our pets?

BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter holds a meeting with his “company” to share the good news that neither dog would be furloughed, despite ruining 1 sofa and chasing 913 squirrels (and catching none). 

#8 No serious conversation was safe

“I apologize for my cat’s tail,” lawmaker John Nicolson calmly said as his cat Rojo playfully twitched his tail in front of the camera during a serious, televised exchange

#7 The weatherman had a regular furry weather companion

Meet “Betty the Weather Cat,” a regular guest with meteorologist Jeff Lyons of WFIE’s 14 News team. Betty quickly rose to stardom once working from home began, and according to her agent, she is open to additional broadcasting possibilities.

#6 When your cat has something to say about this new arrangement 

You’re just trying to keep the team inspired and your video updates engaging and your cat seizes the moment to let you know you’re on their turf now.

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#5 Zoom participants as cats

Yes, the 15 types of Zoom participants as illustrated by cats is a very real 2020 phenomenon. And can we just say—pretty darn accurate. There’s “the one who doesn’t understand lighting.” Other favorites include “the one with the cute kid,” “the one who insists on showing you their pet,” and “the one with the wacky background.”

Photos: Ahmed Rabea/CC BY-SA 2.0Pexels

#4 When you’re not ready for a close-up and it’s lights, camera, action…

You thought it was a phone call and suddenly everyone has their cameras on. Now, they want to see your shining face, too. Oh, hello there.

#3 Reporting from a war zone? 

It’s the battle of the bookshelf! Check out this reporter keeping her cool while cat chaos ensues right behind her.

#2 Desperate times call for…llamas?

Remember when we decided to invite farm animals to our Zoom meetings? Seeing the need for more animals on Zoom, a farm in Silicon Valley got in on the action—llama style. 

#1 Matchmaking Zoom is the best Zoom

As lockdowns wore on, many people searched for new companions. Zoom became a way to meet our future best friends. This (in our humble opinion) earns the top spot on our list of best pet performances on Zoom!