6 Ways to Leverage Remarketing to Produce SQLs

May 7, 2021
2 min

Make your marketing work harder. Here are 6 easy ways for “remarketing” to boost lead generation. With a solid foundation and the appropriate audience behavior data tracking in place, these tactics get you started on the road to success with your own audience. 

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Here are our top 6 remarketing ideas.

1. Engage in Relevant Offers

Send exclusive offers based on past engagement and behaviors. Check out how one advertiser successfully used this tactic in this case study.

2. Test Channel Performance

Many go straight to email when considering channels, but don’t overlook social! Remarketing to engaged contacts on social can produce high engagement, as this case study demonstrates. Consider deploying your remarketing tactics at the same time across multiple channels to measure engagement and conversion performance.

3. Provide Synergistic Content

Remarketing further nurtures marketing qualified leads that aren’t ready for a sales conversation. Leverage nurturing funnels to remarket synergistic educational content. Conclude these nurturing sequences with a sales call to action.

4. Encourage Customer Loyalty

Use remarketing campaigns with your existing customer base to provide exclusive education or customer-specific offers. Don’t forget to remarket messages to your customers on social too!

5. Consider Cross Selling and Up Selling

If your product line has cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, you can use remarketing to deploy educational campaigns that give your customers and prospects the information they need to convert to a sale. 

6. Remember Abandoned Carts

For those engaged in e-commerce, remarketing emails to abandoned carts is a must. These emails help bring visitors back to complete their order. Emails often include images of the items in their cart and a limited-time offer to incentivize conversion.

When done correctly, remarketing campaigns can produce benchmark-busting engagement. If you use a marketing automation system, you most likely already have the infrastructure you need to execute these campaigns (with a little work).

If you’re attempting to get a campaign out quickly or don’t currently have the necessary infrastructure, reach out to Brief Media today. We can get you started!

If you don’t have these data tracking capabilities, don’t worry! You can team up with Brief Media. Here’s a real-world case study showing how we helped a veterinary advertiser ramp up engagement with a remarketing campaign.