9 Ideas for Interactive Content That Converts

March 28, 2023
3 min

Static content can work well, but interactive content can often work better at catching the eyes of your audience. More than 80% of marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute agreed. And honestly, we can’t disagree either.

Add the fact that veterinarians love quizzes, comments, and contests, and you have a strong case for creating interactive content. Use these 9 ideas to get started on content that will attract this smart, inquisitive bunch like moths to a flame.

General Pro Tip: Always look for opportunities to repurpose your existing static content into more attention-grabbing formats.

1. Surveys

Surveys are a great way to double-down—and sometimes even triple-down—on high-engagement content. Design and deploy a survey to collect valuable market intel for your company and veterinarians. Here’s the formula to help you triple-dip with this content:

  • Collect leads by offering participants a chance to win a gift card in a drawing.
  • Repackage key findings into engaging videos with quizzes or infographics to collect more leads.
  • Use the findings from the survey to develop new interactive case studies to address knowledge gaps.

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2. Interactive Case Route

This choose-your-own-adventure style case lets veterinarians see how the decisions they make impact clinical outcomes. An Interactive Case Route can be just the ticket for repackaging a shorter case study into a fun challenge.

3. Interactive Case Studies

Educating veterinarians on a new approach? Interactive case studies have become a popular way to test knowledge on common cases. Animated videos bring these cases to life, and follow-up quiz questions let the participant test their knowledge. This format is ideal for livening up cases requiring more than a handful of clinical decision-making steps. Take it to the next level by turning a series of these interactive cases into one CE-certified course.

4. Repackage Videos with Quizzes

Rework your long-format webinars, CE articles, and CE presentations into video snippets with a quiz at the end of each segment. Clinician’s Brief can help you turn these videos into an engaging CE program. Check out these tips for creating video content your audience will love.

5. Interactive Polls

Interactive polls are a great way to collect quick transactional insights… and leads. Clinician’s Brief deploys short polls to deliver actionable pearls—fast! Advertisers have reported 1,000 responses in a week with over 40% open rates on follow-up emails.

6. Red Light, Green Light

An interactive content idea with a proven track record of success is the Clinician’s Brief Red Light, Green Light Case-Based Quiz. It’s a fun format that invites veterinarians to respond to several short case scenarios with three options: red (do not proceed), yellow (proceed with caution), and green (proceed). These mini-cases give veterinarians a quick way to assess their knowledge. And they give advertisers insight into where the market needs more education, informing future campaigns. Advertisers have reported over 600 MQLs over a 60-day campaign.

7. Gamify Promotions

Raise your hand if you’ve hosted a lunch and learn. If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time, the chances are high that your hand is up. The next time you host a lunch and learn, throw a game like Family Feud or Jeopardy into your presentation and give everyone a fun break.

8. Spin to Win

Why not invite veterinarians to scratch off a virtual card or spin the virtual wheel? Adding a chance to win prizes can be an exciting way to offer campaign-based discount codes or celebrate industry awareness holidays.

9. Add to a Virtual or In-Office Demo

Try giving your sales team videos they can use to emphasize benefits, highlight features, or just help break up a presentation. Throw in quiz questions and the chance to win a prize, and you’ve bumped up the fun factor of your demonstrations.

Ready to Start Engaging?

Great news—the Clinician’s Brief audience loves this kind of content. And our team knows how to package campaigns for maximum engagement and interactivity, always with your goals in mind. Contact us for a brainstorming session today!