[Case Study] It’s a Match: Lead ID Improves Campaign ROI

January 21, 2021
2 min

Database health and growth is a current obsession for many driven marketers. And we love to see it! This case study explores a sales campaign created to target new prospects not yet in the advertiser’s databases. And if these stunning results don’t convince you to hop on the database health kick, we don’t know what will.   


This advertiser in the veterinarian industry set a campaign goal of adding new leads to their database to support current and future sales. The 4-month campaign sought to convert both prospects ready to buy and those who needed further nurturing. 

The campaign used high-quality educational content as a magnet to quickly move qualified prospects through the sales funnel to conversion. Once participants were enrolled in the campaign through a simple opt-in form, they were nurtured with educational and engagement emails every week to retain interest.

Campaign Goals

  • Convert new leads in the advertiser’s database
  • Increase engagement with educational content
  • Quickly convert leads into sales 
  • Create a sense of urgency to purchase 

Campaign Details


The audience was identified through Brief Media’s Data Match service.

  • Data Match Criteria: Veterinarians not in the advertiser’s database
  • Behavioral Criteria: Veterinarians recently engaging with pain management content
  • Demographic Criteria: Veterinarians based in the US, practicing at small animal clinics with two or more practicing associates


A competition that rewarded engagement with educational content.


  • Emails with A/B tested subject lines and drips to users who didn’t open
  • Social media placements
  • Native advertisements in an eNewsletter

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Campaign Results

This campaign produced significant engagement. The highest quality participants came from Brief Media efforts. Participants entered the campaign as marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and, based upon interest in a sales conversation, were converted to sales-qualified leads (SQLs). In the end, Brief’s service out-performed two competitive media companies. It produced the highest percentage of SQLs, lowest cost per lead (CPL), and the highest sales performance.

Of the leads captured by Brief Media, 91% were new to the advertiser’s database. In addition, participants driven by Brief were more likely to convert from an engaged prospect to a sales meeting. And ultimately, they were more likely to buy, which produced an eye-popping campaign ROI of 542%. From an ROI perspective, this campaign out-performed all of 2020’s live and virtual events combined. 

Sales Performance

  • Campaign benchmark for conversions of sales meetings to sales: 16%
  • Brief conversion of sales meetings to sales: 19%
  • Media Competitor #1 conversion of sales meetings to sales: 14%
  • Media Competitor #2 conversion of sales meetings to sales: 0%

SQL Performance

  • Media Competitor #1: 22%
  • Media Competitor #2: 7%
  • Brief Media: 23%

CPL Performance

  • Media Competitor #1: $104
  • Media Competitor #2: $58
  • Brief Media: $48

This case clearly demonstrates the power of a strategically selected audience for database growth, increased engagement, and campaign ROI success.