How a Simple Training Video Converted Leads to Sales Meeting Requests

June 18, 2020
2 min

Many companies are looking to virtual programming to provide both educational nurturing and sales-ready leads. In this case study, we’ll take a look at how the right message and mix of digital programming can effectively accomplish both goals.

Recently, a new entrant to the veterinary industry decided to make a splash by offering free educational one-on-one meetings. The campaign had several goals:

  • Create brand awareness of a new market entrant
  • Educate about a new procedure through video-based content
  • Convert virtual and in-office meeting requests to create sales opportunities

The Right Message at the Right Time

The campaign leveraged video content to visually demonstrate how the product worked and to stimulate a higher level of engagement. Secondary calls to action linked to landing pages that featured a large training video and the final call-to-action: Request a virtual or in-office sales meeting.

The campaign, delivered to veterinarians in the northeast United States, was quick, targeted, and scrappy, lasting a short 3 weeks.

Generating Awareness

The campaign used a mix of digital advertising tactics to generate well-rounded exposure for the brand. The OnPoint Audience Intelligence Database provided geotargeted segmentation to serve messaging to veterinary professionals in the northeast.

  • OnPoint Target: A strategic 3-part email sequence sent to 5,000 regional targets
    • First email went to the entire target audience
    • Second email went to unopens of email 1 with a new subject line
    • Third email went to opens of emails 1 and 2 with a final compelling call to action
  • Banner Ads: Banners placed on
  • OnPoint Extend: Retargeted ads served to those who interacted with content on
  • Video Fluid Banner: Large video ad on, designed to provide a high-impact advertising opportunity

How the Campaign Performed

Ad UnitImpressions/SendsOpen RateClick Through Rate
(Total Clicks/Unique Opens)
Banner Ads69,339 ImpressionsN/A0.34%
Video Fluid Ad, Desktop14,707 ImpressionsN/A2.13%
Video Fluid Ad, Mobile24,811 ImpressionsN/A5.20%
Email 15,228 Sends21%18%
Email 24,134 Sends7%14%
Email 31,415 Sends46%7%

 Campaign Results

  • 23 Virtual and In-Office Sales Meeting Requests
  • More than 110,000 Total Campaign Impressions
  • Brand Awareness and Treatment Technique Education

Leveraging OnPoint for Sales Meeting Conversions

In this campaign, OnPoint Programs provided an opportunity to both educate leads and convert meeting requests.

OnPoint Programs are designed to combine the power of Brief Media’s audience intelligence database with extended reach and hypertargeted nurturing programs. This case study included both off-site impressions and strategic email sequences to supercharge this digital marketing campaign.

Contact our team for more information about how OnPoint Programs can support your digital marketing initiatives.