VETTY Awards Recognizes VetMedux for Excellence in Animal Health Care Marketing

January 24, 2024
3 min

VetMedux has won three of the veterinary industry’s highest marketing honors: a gold and a bronze VETTY for our rebrand (launch campaign and new website) and a silver for the Clinician’s Brief® redesign campaign.

Are we excited? Over the moon. Honored? Most sincerely.

But there’s more to the story this year than a great campaign or streamlined redesign (although we love those, too).

This year’s wins celebrate the evolution of Brief Media to VetMedux, more than two decades in the making. The new name conveys all the ways we are evolving to help veterinarians meet modern challenges while reasserting our mission to help guide their most critical decisions.

The annual competition, created by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) in 2017, recognizes and celebrates innovation, creativity, and excellence in marketing animal health care products and services. Each year hundreds of entries are submitted for consideration to a judging panel of marketing experts with decades of experience and numerous successes between them.

Unprecedented change for VetMedux and its flagship product, Clinician’s Brief, meant the VetMedux marketing team had monumental opportunities to innovate, create, and shine in 2023.

“It was a transformative year for us. We had so much to share about how we’re growing to meet veterinarians where and how they practice,” said Bridget Forbes, senior vice president of content operations and strategy. “I believe the team conveyed those key messages beautifully, and to have our work garner this level of recognition is a genuine honor.” 

The Winners

The Gold: “That Was Then, This Is Now” The VetMedux Launch Campaign 

Winner in the B2B/Trade Campaign Category

What do you do when you’re no longer just a drug reference (Plumb’s™), or a print journal (Clinician’s Brief)?

No longer reaching veterinarians once a month, but multiple times a day across all platforms?

Essentially, no longer the company you were, but now a profoundly more holistic support system for veterinarians? You rebrand, of course! And then you share the good news.

For that tall order, the VetMedux marketing team, in collaboration with content powerhouse Revmade, created a rebrand campaign that is equal parts explanatory, celebratory, and promissory.

Through email, pop up, and even in-person at the VetMedux launch party during the 2023 AVMA convention in Denver, “That Was Then, This Is Now”…

  • Skillfully unpacks why VetMedux. And why now.  
  • Playfully invites audiences to revisit our history, with a fun look back at 2003, the year of the company’s founding. 
  • And passionately conveys the promise of continued support and guidance. 

All while reassuring our audience that though our name is changing, our commitment to supporting veterinarians never will.

“Sometimes evolving starts with a look back. We considered our past, reevaluated our focus, and chose the name VetMedux, which aligns with our current identity and better reflects our future direction,” said Becca Cowles, vice president of growth marketing. “‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ was a win with our audience, but to have it win a VETTY just makes it that much better.” 

The Bronze: The VetMedux Website 

Winner in the Website B2B/Trade Category

VetMedux is more than a single product or service, so the VetMedux website has a few important roles: 

  • It’s home to the most trusted clinical education and information products in the veterinary market: Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s.
  • It’s where we can articulate our goals and vision for guiding veterinarians’ most critical decisions.
  • It serves as a valuable resource for our community of veterinary marketing professionals, with ongoing insights into marketing for the veterinary industry.

Designed and developed in-house, the VetMedux site also gives us a permanent spot to highlight our new brand identity.

“Establishing the brand identity for VetMedux and creating the website involved careful consideration of the brand and its relationship to both Plumb’s and Clinician’s Brief,” said Aaron Mays, VetMedux creative director. “Our team is very happy with where the project landed; the design and visual language both support and highlight the company’s important messaging.”

The Silver: “Clinician’s Brief: Reimagined” Launch Campaign

Winner in the New Product/Service Launch Campaign Category  

In addition to the VetMedux rebrand, the Clinician’s Brief website underwent a major revamp in 2023. In April, we launched a new Clinician’s Brief for a new era of veterinary medicine.

See what was new for Clinician’s Brief in 2023

“We had a lot to say with this campaign, but the most important message was that Clinician’s Brief is surrounding veterinarians with the support they need, whether they’re working through a case or having a challenging conversation with a pet owner or colleague,” said Lance Williams, director of digital content and audience growth. “I’m proud of what we accomplished with this campaign, honored to have our work recognized, and look forward to what comes next for VetMedux and vet med.”

The Afterglow

As the conferences and events of 2024 occupy our thoughts—and all of our time—the 2023 VETTY’s announcement is a welcome opportunity to look back and take stock of a year that put our small but mighty team to the test.

“We have a team of talented marketing professionals dedicated to supporting and communicating the company’s goals, and they hit it out of the park this year,” said Cowles. “To be recognized for doing that well by a judging panel of marketing experts and amongst such strong entries is an honor.”

See the complete list of 2023 winners on the VETTY Awards® website