Supercharge Your Next Campaign with Brief Studio

August 29, 2023
4 min

Brief Studio combines data, expertise, and engagement to propel your campaigns to new heights. 

Raise your hand if…

  • You are an advanced marketer with clear-cut goals for your brand. 
  • You have KPIs in place to measure the success of your campaigns.
  • You know which segments of your audience you want to reach.

If your hand is up, we’ve got exciting news! Brief Studio, the new content strategy and performance marketing division of VetMedux™ (formerly Brief Media), is here to help.

The Ingredients of a Modern Campaign

Crafting winning B2B campaigns for veterinarians is more challenging than ever. These busy professionals have less time to spend and are more selective about where they spend it. When we add a shifting economy and consumer sentiment, we see that today’s veterinarians are more intentional about their attention and dollars. But where there’s a will to draw attention to our product or service, there’s a way for marketers to do it successfully. Here are 3 ingredients with proven success. 

  1. Expertise: It breaks through the noise! Content created in collaboration with medical experts engages and educates veterinary professionals.
  2. Insight: Have you spotted your audience yet? Demographic and behavioral insights let marketers tailor messages so each one hits the mark.
  3. Access: We’re in an attention economy. The right distribution channels for your message as well as partners who are directly engaging with veterinarians are critical. 

Brief Studio brings all three ingredients together, leveraging our team’s expertise and industry-leading data to create and distribute campaigns that perform.

You Dream It, We Develop It

When you’ve got big ideas for your brand, Brief Studio is ready to activate its network of US veterinarians to make your content dreams a reality. 

Here’s our blueprint for success.

Discovery, Backed by Data and Expertise

How many data points do you collect on your audience? We gather up to 450 for each veterinary professional who uses Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s™ products! And unlike other companies, it’s all first-party data.

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We’ve been collecting and tracking market intelligence for well over a decade. Data of this quality can help answer many (if not all) of your burning questions, like:

  • Which topics are popular with my target audience?
  • What continuing education resonates with them?
  • How often is my drug (or my competitor’s) searched on Plumb’s™?
  • What are the most eye-catching subject lines for my audience of veterinarians?
  • How is my audience currently planning for budget uncertainty?

Imagine what accurate answers to these questions could do for your campaign strategy, tactical execution, and audience segmentation. Brief Studio knows what information your audience is looking for, when they are looking for it, and which channels they use to get there. (Spoiler alert: They’re looking at content all day. Only the channel changes based on the time of day).

Then there’s the medical expertise. At every step of your project, you have a practicing veterinarian from the VetMedux medical team on your side to provide insight and guidance from the clinician’s perspective. The result? A message that resonates with your target audience—since it was informed by a member of your target audience.

Brief Studio combines insights and expertise with a deep dive into your goals and differentiators to uncover meaningful strategies that deliver powerful results. And every campaign is assigned a program management team to ensure it’s all delivered on time, every time. 

Did You Know…
94% of B2B buyers view multiple pieces of content from the vendor they ultimately select

Demand Gen Report
  • Strategic Recommendations: Where your goals and our data-driven insights and expertise intersect, the Brief Studio team makes strategic recommendations for content types, topics, and distribution channels that will be most effective for your campaign.
  • Production: Do you need a turnkey solution? The Brief Studio team can do it all. We’ll take the reins but follow clear checkpoints for project reviews and approvals.
  • Distribution: Finally, we’ll distribute your message based on the channel plan that aligns with your campaign goals and the needs of your target audience.

Did You Know…
Full-funnel campaigns drive 45% higher ROI


The Marketing Trends We’re Watching

There has been more change in the veterinary space in the last 2 years than in the previous 2 decades. Our Brief Studio team has its finger on the pulse of what is and isn’t working in B2B veterinary marketing right now. Here’s what we’re noticing:

  • Marketing teams of all sizes in the veterinary space need help managing multichannel marketing. 
  • Veterinarians are seeking shorter, more personal content and looking for it on more channels than ever.
  • Trust is on the decline everywhere. Creating and maintaining trust and authority is a priority for brands throughout the industry.
  • A full-funnel campaign creates the best lead-performance environment, but in-house teams often need help to achieve these results.
  • Growth will continue in the veterinary market, but things will look a little different. Live events are back, and VMX 2023 saw record-breaking numbers, but many other conferences are seeing unpredictable numbers, so attendance isn’t guaranteed. 
  • Brands are changing their approach to CE (and content in general), preferring to turn long-format content into snippets that fit better into the busy schedules of veterinary professionals.

Our team is here to help you navigate the industry changes and keep your content performing.

Ready to Bring Your Dream to Life?

Let’s make it a reality. Contact the Brief Studio team to discuss your campaign goals and discover how we can help you chart a path to even greater marketing success.